Remove Myself

We help individuals remove unwanted or harmful content from websites and apps like Google, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and more. Whether it’s a damaging social media post or an embarrassing video, Remove Myself is dedicated to ensuring that your online presence is controlled by you.

Remove Myself can help you remove any content by:

  • Filing the appropriate forms to dispute the content
  • Get multiple accounts to report the same content
  • Contact the uploader for a manual removal request
  • File a DMCA takedown notice
  • Contact the website owner
  • Contact the company that hosts the website
  • File a Cloudflare Abuse form

We believe that any damaging videos or images of private individuals should be promptly removed upon request, and that is the future we are working for. Unfortunately, it is more complex than ever to remove online content, especially if the publisher is reluctant to remove the content or is unreachable.

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Who is behind Remove Myself

Remove Myself was started by Jonas Borchgrevink as a part of his cybersecurity company has helped more than 6,400 clients in the past year and has been featured in The Washington Post and The Verge.