Report and Delete a harmful TikTok Video

Removing unwanted or harmful videos from TikTok that you haven’t published yourself is difficult. Generally, we discourage the use of TikTok due to three factors:

  1. It is Chinese-owned, with less focus on privacy for the end user
  2. They have poor customer service with a slow response time
  3. Its algorithm is made to create an addiction to consuming nonsense videos (for the western world)

We have seen horrible videos on TikTok that took weeks to remove. This is unfortunate for the victims or persons harmed by these videos. In this article, we outline every possible way to get a TikTok video removed.

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How to Report a TikTok Video

  1. Open your TikTok app and find the video, or go to and find the video in question. FYI: You do not need to be logged in to TikTok to report a video.
  2. Press and hold on to the video using the TikTok app, then click “Report” and find the corresponding report to file. If you use a browser or computer, click “Report.”

The more accounts that report a TikTok video, the faster it can be taken down.

There’s also a different way to report a TikTok video by using their Report Form. Choose “Report inappropriate content” from the dropdown under Topic, and then under “Tell us more,” choose video. Try to be as specific as possible when filing this report.

How to file a Privacy report with TikTok

TikTok also got a different privacy form that can be filled in to remove a video. TikTok’s privacy report can be submitted here. Again, be as specific as possible and try to give them details of the breach in question.

Depending on the case, contact the publisher

Of course, depending on the case itself, consider reaching out to the publisher of the video. That is something we can help with; it might be good to have a third party take care of any communication. Be polite and explain your situation the best you can and ask for the video to be removed.

You should try to find the publisher’s identity if you want to move forward with legal action.

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